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5th Clark Digital Bursary

Details of events related to the Bursary.

Come Closer by squidsoup

Wed 30 Nov 2005 Watershed 1400hrs - 1700hrs

Come Closer is a new artwork that uses wearable technology and collaborative interaction to explore and challenge our sense of personal space and proximity to others.

Participants in the piece become acutely aware of each other; aware of their presence in both physical and virtual space. They are encouraged to probe and investigate the boundaries that define our personal space, to test them and to cross them. Interaction is defined entirely by people’s position in a room, and the distances between them and others.

This event is free. Come along to Watershed during the above times to experience the work.

The initial idea for Come Closer was developed and tested during the Clark Digital Bursary at Watershed, funded by J.A. Clark Charitable Trust, Watershed, UWE, Mobile Bristol and Arts Council England South West.

Previous events:

Come Closer: squidsoup

Fri 28 – Mon 31 May 2004 Waterside 2
1000hrs – 1200hrs / 1400hrs – 1700hrs / 1900hrs – 2100hrs
squidsoup have been developing their work at Watershed over the past few months. Come Closer uses wearable technology, wireless networking and stereo-vision to explore and expand on our sense of personal space and proximity to others. Participants are encouraged to transcend the normal barriers of personal space, and explore the meaning of closeness, both virtual and physical. The space between people is filled with sound that is affected by their movement. With more people in a room, complex harmonies begin to appear and disappear, allowing for co-operation and confrontation, intimacy and rejection. Through a series of experimentations with the technology and user testing, this idea has evolved to introduce new elements, including 3D projection – a still image of which is featured on this month’s brochure cover. A pair of free 3D glasses are inserted in the brochure, or simply pick up a pair from Watershed Box Office. Images are also available to view online at www.squidsoup.org/comecloser
Come Closer has been shown to audiences at Futuresonic in Manchester and now returns to Watershed to be showcased at its latest stage. Bring your 3D glasses to Waterside 2 on the times and dates above to try out the piece, meet the artists and give feedback on your experience.

LoveMatch: Dane Watkins

Fri 28 – Mon 31 May 2004 Café/Bar
1000hrs – 1200hrs / 1400hrs – 1700hrs / 1900hrs – 2100hrs
How do you see yourself, and how might this affect your search for the perfect partner? Pick up a hand-held computer and select, from a collection of witty interactive animations, the body parts that best represent your own. The computer will tell you, in no uncertain terms, your personality traits and who would suit you in the game of love. Alternatively playful and questioning LoveMatch explores, through the use of images, how people consciously and subconsciously view themselves and those around them. Firmly based in research and audience testing, Dane uses his observations of intimate interactions between people in Watershed’s Café/Bar to help you find the perfect partner.

Visit the Café/Bar on the dates and times above to view and try out the latest version of LoveMatch and to give feedback on your experience.

Artists’ Talks

Wed 23 June 2004 1900hrs Waterside 3
Following a series of residencies at Watershed, recipients of the 5th Clark Digital Bursary will be presenting and discussing their work and ideas. squidsoup have created Come Closer, a 3D audio visual environment exploring our reaction to the proximity of others. Dane has developed an animated interface on a handheld computer for LoveMatch which probes how we view ourselves and others in our quest to find our perfect partner. Stanza has been researching his ongoing inquiries into the experience of the city – its inhabitants, sounds, data and networks – in a bid to invert the spaces inside and outside Watershed. The event will be chaired by Mark Palmer, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Media (UWE/Watershed).
This event is free, please collect a ticket from Box Office on the day.

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