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Background to my work: Originally trained in traditional animation, I now consider myself a new media artist. Recent outputs include animated short films, interactive animated experiments for handheld computers and an interactive digital installation shown in galleries and foyers. This transition has come about through a desire to develop new forms and contexts for my work, and to experiment with new technologies, in particular vector-based drawing software (Flash).

I currently divide my time between my home in Somerset and London, where I teach part-time. For several years I have been one of the team of South-West based artist-facilitators supporting artists on the week-long LabCulture digital residencies around the UK, run by PVA MediaLab. Being connected to other practitioners, especially those interested in working innovatively and collaboratively, has been an important part of my development.

More recently I have benefited enormously from :

Background development of my work: After graduating, I developed a series of videos using collage to show how the media creates meanings associated with pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘him’ and ‘her’. I used cut-up narratives and animation experimenting with colour and visual language from glossy magazines.

During this period my video work was shown in a solo show at Prema Gallery in Uley, Gloucs in 99, at the Lux, London, and at the Glastonbury Festival.

I then began to be interested in exploring how new media can allow the viewer to create their own path through visual material, and I was excited by using the internet to disseminate my work. I began to combine the ideas and skills developed in my early video scripts to create a pictorial visual language suitable for computer screens and the context in which people view them. Public outcomes included ‘Help’ (2000) shown at a group exhibition in Boston. I reworked one of my video pieces to create an online animation, ‘him’ (2000), using pictorial language, reverting back to my original practice of drawing. ‘him’ was published by Eastgate Systems, Inc., the US digital media publisher and short-listed for the E-literature 2001 Awards.

I now work in a number of ways, with the main outputs being drawing and animation, distributed in different ways. For me, computer-based vector graphics extend the tradition of drawing. They produce clean lines and reduce personal mark making to a minimum, something a Rotring pen never fully realised. They are ideal for producing pictograms, universal or at least common visual languages viewers are familiar with from non-art contexts. The simple aesthetics focus on the idea and not the flourish of the pen or the software. A recent example of this is ‘Passing Time’ (2002), commissioned by and shown at the Burning Bush festival in Dundee and then exhibited at the Watershed, Bristol.

In 2002 I was awarded a Reflective Practitioner Bursary by South West Arts to develop my professional practice. One of the outcomes of this was to consider the implications of changes in intellectual property for artists making and distributing images and animations. My recently launched ‘ClipArt’ (2002) project commissioned by PVA is one way I have tackled these ideas. This is a website in which I make available many of my drawings in a uniform size, available for free for non-commercial use.

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