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Dane's Project Proposal

Overview of Dane's initial project proposal.


People meet, people flirt, people watch, people encourage. Dane takes this observation of what is already occurring in the Café/Bar at Watershed and through LoveMatch intends to overlay a digital mediascape onto this environment, via which people can define themselves, ‘meet’ others and chat. Over the past few years, Dane has developed a body of interactive animations shaped by his response to a culture in which there is both an excess of imagery and a homogenisation of visual language. Through a series of intense research and audience testing, Dane aims to develop the level of audience engagement he has achieved in previous work through a committed approach to the invisibility of technology - communicating to the viewer something that matters to them - something about them.

The Clark Digital Bursary is focused on research and development. Dane's proposal outline will respond, adapt and change over the residency periods. Visit the Online Journal to view documentation of the project progress.

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