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To apply for the Clark Bursary, you must read the Guidelines and submit an Application Form by Mon 4 September. You can read the guidelines below and download them along with the application form here in either PDF or Microsoft Word format. If you are having difficulties downloading these documents, or have a query about the process that is not covered in the guidelines, please email


Download the Guidelines in PDF format

Download the Application Form in PDF format

Download the Guidelines in Microsoft Word format

Download the Application Form in Microsoft Word format



The details you will need to refer to if you wish to submit a proposal for the Bursary are outlined below. Please read them carefully before completing the application form.


Bursary Aims


The Bursary will offer one award of £17,500

The award will cover the following:

plus, if appropriate:


Recipients will be required to:

Research and develop a proposed digital artwork/s and its public presentation through internet, exhibition, installation performance or other digital means. Watershed and partners will provide residency space, event and work in progress exhibition space, technical support, mentoring, and opportunities for interaction with peer groups and potentially wider cultural, academic and commercial networks as agreed and developed with the appointed artists.

The award will be tailored to the needs of the specific artist and their proposal. Watershed and partners will be responsive to these needs and use their extensive experience and networks to maximise benefit of the artist being located in the South West. The emphasis is on the research and development of an idea/s for dissemination and on audience and peer group ‘testing’.

Disseminate their project developmentthrough a minimum of two public events and/or work in progress exhibitions to engage and develop audiences during the residency period. This strand of activity will be supported by and in discussion with Watershed, Situations at UWE and other partners who will provide: mentoring; research and appropriate cultural programming contexts;  access to and interaction with artistic, academic, community and art organisational networks;  and cross fertilization.

Document and disseminate their creative development process online via the newly launched Bursary website hosted on, Watershed’s online exhibition platform. This may take various forms, but should have a strong visual element, including a regular artist’s journal/commentary, visual and audio documentation, and work in progress, all of which will be posted in the ‘Studio’ space of the Bursary website. This online dissemination will be supported by Watershed with input from UWE.

Deliver a learning element to the Bursary (this will be supported by and through partnerships developed through Watershed’s networks). This may take various forms, for example a workshop with young people, skills sharing with peer group, a masterclass/lecture to appropriate higher education groups, or mentoring sessions for artists with less experience.

Engage with local artists through workshops/presentations/participation in events/group critique as appropriate, facilitated and enabled by Watershed and the organisation’s wider cultural programme.

In addition the artist will be required to make a presentation at C and J Clark Ltd Headquarters in Street, Somerset, and the artist may be required to make work available for display or digital installation there, if appropriate.



Proposals should describe your idea/s clearly and concisely. We are looking for excellent and engaging ideas that demonstrate good use of the support, facilities and location on offer. Your proposal should have relevance to Bristol and the South West of England, made evident through artists being based in the region, your proposed activity during the residency, and/or your interest/involvement in the cultures of the region.


Selection Process

Selection for this year’s bursary will be in two stages:

Stage 1: Proposals are to be submitted - in accordance with the guidelines provided - by 5pm on Mon 4 September

Stage 2: A shortlist of 3 artists will be selected from proposals submitted. Shortlisted artists will be notified by Monday 18 September and invited to attend a day long event in late September at Watershed. This day will take the format of introducing the artists to Watershed, its partners, the selection panel, and the wider location, plus there will be an opportunity to meet the other artists in a social setting, and an allotted time for artists to present their idea/s individually to the panel.

(Artists’ travel expenses to attend this event will be covered up to £150).

Following the above event, the panel will make their final selection and inform the artists by the beginning of October.

The selection panel will include representatives of the Bursary partners which are J A Clark Charitable Trust, Watershed Media Centre, and The University of the West of England. In addition, a guest panel as detailed above will be involved in the selection process. The decision of the panel shall be final although on request feedback will be given to the unselected shortlisted artists.

Following the selection, the successful applicant will be invited to meet with Watershed and partners to develop a detailed project plan and budget for agreement prior to confirmation of an award.




Mon 4 Sept – Deadline for proposals.

Mon 18Sept – Shortlisted applicants notified and invited to a day long event.

By end Sept – Day long event including interviews.

Beginning Oct – Artists notified of final decision.

The timescale of each residency will be agreed between the artists, Watershed and the partners, however, it is anticipated that the project will be completed by May 07.



You can submit your application by post or email. Please ensure you include the following:

Application forms, these guidelines and the equal opportunities monitoring form are available at:

Please send your completed form and accompanying material by 5pm on Monday 4 September to: Clark Bursary – 6th UK Digital Art Award, Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5TX.

Or email to (please compress any large files and do not send emails over 10MB).



Selection Criteria

Proposals will be assessed on:

i) The nature and quality of the proposal including:

Strength of ideas and concepts.

Innovative ideas for engaging with audiences, artists and the wider community.

Clear strategy for realisation of the project.

Realistic budgets and timetable.

ii) The nature and quality of previous work.

iii) The anticipated benefit to the artist and a demonstration that the Bursary offers an opportunity to develop their ideas and practice.

If you have any queries about the application form or process please email:


About the Bursary Partners

Watershed is a leading UK media centreplaying a key developmental role in visual arts and creative media and working for integration across the cultural, commercial and educational sectors. Housing a number of spaces including cinemas, flexible projection rooms, café/bar, incubator and offices, its prime task is to promote innovative practice in digital media and to add value to creative media arts / technology activity across the South West and beyond. Watershed works in partnership to deliver a year round, high quality programme of work encompassing artists’ commissions and residencies, online exhibition and touring programmes, international festivals, conferences and events, and a diverse programme of world cinema. Integral to the programme is a range of learning opportunities. Activity at Watershed extends beyond the venue via dShed - the organisation’s online showcase for creativity.


Situations at The University of the West of England, Bristol supports the Clark Digital Bursary as part of the Place Research Centre and the Strategic Alliance between Watershed and UWE. Situations is a research and commissioning programme devised to investigate the significance of place and context in the commissioning and production of contemporary art works. It seeks to create a unique network of debates and projects, which radiate from its Bristol base across the South West England, nationally and internationally - informing the ways in which art is commissioned and made. Situations will offer the artist valuable support linking to the programme’s research concerns and output, mentoring and access to the wider academic network at UWE (to be agreed in advance with the selected artist).


J A Clark Charitable Trust funds arts activity in the South West of England and supports projects for social change in Britain and abroad.


Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from Government and the National Lottery.


Previous artists awarded the Clark Bursary:

Stanza – The Emergent City

Squidsoup – Come Closer and Ghosts

Dane Watkins - LoveMatch

Joe Magee – A Personal History of Corruption

Susannah Silver – Breath Hold

Duncan Speakman – Formality

Simon Poulter - Afterworld

Mongrel - Linker

Rebecca Goddard and Michelle Henning - Wingwalkers

A newly designed Cark Bursary website housing documentation and artwork by previous recipients will be live at from mid-July. Meanwhile various artists’ works and documentation can be found in the dShed Studio and Creative Content areas, see

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