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squidsoup's project Proposal

Overview of squidsoup's initial project proposal.

Data (over)flow and Come Closer

Everyday we walk through an invisible web of data streams such as temperature, lighting, electrical current, pedestrian movement and traffic flow. Although capturing a snapshot of that place, much of this information has little or no meaning to us. Data (over)flow aims to take this data and symbolically wash it away with the ebbing tide of the River Frome through a visualised dynamic structure projected onto harbourside. Come Closer explores our emotional reactions to the proximity of people in different contexts. It is said that we can ‘feel’ the presence of others. Using wearable technology, squidsoup’s second project proposal investigates this notion using the pitch, timbre and volume of sounds to relate the proximity of visitors. squidsoup are a collective of artists, musicians and interactive designers whose work is focused on pushing the emotional and immersive possibilities of technology.

The Clark Digital Bursary is focused on research and development. squidsoup's proposal outline will respond, adapt and change over the residency periods. Visit the Online Journal to view documentation of the project progress.

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