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Posted Tue 7 May 02

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absent - gaz. sunshine. potential restraints, constraints, distractions from the creative process.
present - james, ant. the miriad possibilities for starting this new work. an openess of a self-initiated brief. digicafe proximity to the bar produces an interesting redefinition of the term 'residency'.

2hours gets the idea to tangibility. enough code to see the egg hatching. exciting. basic premise of the week will be to get far enough down the development road to have a (rough) version of Ghosts. this involves gaz coding the framework in such a way that ant can start to muck about with camera angles and james can affect the visuals directly. trying to think of pithy one liners for example text.

Wed 8 May

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absent - P4 usefulness.
present - cheesy chips. elkern.4926 virus on the P4 (riddled). progress to structure of Ghosts despite technical hitch. awaiting version that the rest of us can start imposing our direct influence on. curves.

plenty of thought spin-off into ideas related to Ghosts, before and since. the down-time from commerciality is really paying off in the 'invisible tangibles'. head-space from head-fuck.

approximately dozens of screen shots of various stages of the work. each tweak of the variables producing another gem. the realisation is growing that our original ideas are producing far more variation than we previously conceived of.

fire (false) alarm empties the building. a little light relief trying to find a shop in central Bristol. apparently the city survives on insurance offices, building societies and cafes.

begin to think of how we introduce limitations to Ghosts necessary to prevent it becoming an unwieldy wordy mess.

Thu 9 May

absent - a few more brain cells. 1 hat. 1 filofax. all last seen ordering bottles of rioja, jugs of beer in Mud Dock. seemed to involve bicycles as well.

present - profusion of ideas. awareness of a need to avoid confusion by keeping too many of them.
break-through in increasing frame rate due to the gazoid sorting out how to structure meshes and models more efficiently. discussion about the talk tonight has brought out some more strings of thought which took the idea full circle (sort of) via mars, or somewhere about as far away. clarified what the different versions should be and how they would work (web, installation) then changed our minds again. debate about web art with one of the visitors . . . say. no. more.

Float Club talk notes:

altzero (altzero.com)

remedi (squidsoup.com/remedi)


= progression of investigation into virtual 3D space and its subsequent abstraction. playing with possibilities of 3D. navigate. present. explore. disseminate information of any kind.



movement thru info

info dissemination

playing with info

2 fold user creation of 1. stories/communications and 2. visual forms

beauty of sculptural form

use of text = immediately recognizable visual form, intrinsic double meaning (visual shape, literary context).

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