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About Stanza

Stanza's biography and website details.

Stanza is a UK based artist who specialises in net art, multimedia, and electronic music. His award winning online projects have been invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world, and Stanza also travels extensively to present his net art, lecturing and giving performances of his audiovisual interactions. Stanza is interested in the engagement of the public/audience as a creative user across a variety of formats, from the web to cd rom and gallery installation, and his extensive explorations give him a high level of expertise in this field.

Also giving focus to the technologies which address the issues around the protocols of the net as a medium, Stanza’s work crosses borders between artistic, technological and scientific sectors. Stanza creates participatory digital artworks that invite viewers to guide data flows or to simply observe self-generating compositions. His digital paintings shift through abstract and iconic patterns, which people can explore akin to virtual environments. Interactive and visually appealing, his style also maintains the substantive power through multifacetted content. This artists has won international praise and awards for his new media works that invite collaboration.

Stanza has just returned from China and Japan researching new technology developments as well as doing a residency in Shangahi with b>d>s Stanza has also been awarded a NESTA dreamtime award for 2004. This prestigiuos award provides incoming investment allowing for some blue sky project ideas to be seeded. Therefore expect some major technology developments in the year ahead around new displays, sensors, and responsive spaces. In development are new mobile sound performances using pda's. Dreamtime enables Stanza to find new arts and technology collaborators worldwide whilealso leading to new aesthetic perspectives, experiences and perceptions. Resulting projects will be experienced through online Stanza projects, global dissemination, and feed into future bodies of work.

For further information on Stanza and his work, visit his website: http://www.stanza.co.uk

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