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Stanza's Project Proposal

Overview of Stanza's initial project proposal.

research concepts - the emergent city

Stanza’s aims are focused around the creative use of technology integrated seamlessly into urban space. Imagine a space in which every action, memory, thought and feeling has a connection to every other action. Where all data in the system seamlessly integrates with all others. This place exists - its inside our heads and the emergent metaphor of the brain has many similarities with the emergent connectivity of the city. From this concept, Stanza’s research will follow a number of threads which will interweave throughout the development process. Ideas range from Ccityv - a potential intervention into and subversion of the surveillance camera, Sonicity - an audience collection and mapping of city sounds creating a hybrid audio version of the landscape, and Biocity - an interpretation of the city as an organism, using generative processors, the sounds and images of the city, the code, will be infinite, there will be no silence. Stanza specialises in net art, multimedia and sound and is interested in the engagement of the audience as a creative user across a variety of formats.

The Clark Digital Bursary is focused on research and development. Stanza's proposal outline will respond, adapt and change over the residency periods. Visit the Online Journal to view documentation of the project progress.

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