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Soundtoys Tour 2005 - Transigence

Information about Soundtoys and the 2005 tour.


Soundtoys.net is a website for new audio visual experiences including art, music, games, generative pieces and interactive environments. The artist run site has been active for six years and currently houses over 150 pieces of work.

Through funding from Arts Council England National Touring and support from Watershed, new commissions for Soundtoys have been produced and work was toured to a selection of UK venues during 2005/6. Documentation of the tour and further information about the commissions can be found here.

Soundtoys has documented the evolution of interactive media online whilst providing a space for experimental works from a growing community of audio visual artists and a forum for discourse on new technologies and the aesthetics of Soundtoys. Visit www.soundtoys.net to view work online.

Soundtoys national tour and commissions where funded by Arts Council England with support from Watershed.

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