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New Soundtoys site launched


The artist curated soundtoys.net website has been redesigned with a new interface and new functionality. All of the content has been tagged with associated words in a database which means you can now browse the entire Soundtoys collection thematically. The new design was in addition to a national tour and a series of new commissions. The commissioned artists utilized the database of tags to create unique new interfaces to the collection and beautiful artworks in themselves. (see below for more details)

Soundtoys: New Commissions:

Philip O’Dwyer - http://www.soundtoys.net/toys/sound-words

Philip O’Dwyer

Philip O’Dwyer is an internationally respected designer who chose to make an playful interface to the journal area of soundtoys.net – creating a gateway to a large body of essays and interviews.

Adam Hoyle with Julian Baker - www.soundtoys.net/toys/soundtoysnet-content-navigator

Adam Hoyle with Julian Baker

Adam Hoyle is an award-winning developer of interactive soundtoys and Julian Baker makes things look pretty. This is their first of a series of collaborations.

Neil Jenkins - www.soundtoys.net/toys/tag-navigator

Neil Jenkins

Neil Jenkins is interested in the use of real and virtual networks for the creation of
interactive pieces. His interface is an experiment representing the Soundtoys collection as data.

Toxi - www.soundtoys.net/toys/soundtoysnetemitter


Restructure and rebuild of the Soundtoys website and backend by Toxi.

squidsoup - http://soundtoys.net/toys/squidsoup-soundtoys-interface


A playful interface to the Soundtoys collection aimed at young audiences

Michael Takeo Magruder - http://soundtoys.net/toys/worlds

Michael Takeo Magruder

A series of dynamic audio-visual contructs

View all the commissions at www.soundtoys.net

Soundtoys is curated by Stanza. The national tour and commissions where funded by Arts Council England with support from Watershed.

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